Welcome to JmsUnit

This site is help software developers and testers get along with JmsUnit.

JmsUnit is a testing toolset (not a framework*) that allows inline stubbing and mocking of JMS request and responses, as simply as possible.
It also allows assertions around messaging and includes some XML extensions for use with messages of an XML flavour sent over JMS.

The framework also easily allows writing of standalone stubs with a very similar vocabulary to writing inline stubs/mocks (in fact a few folks that have been using this pre-release have stated technically it should've been called JmsMock).

The way JmsUnit has been written allows custom managers to be written for different implementations of JMS.

It is also actively encouraged that users of JmsUnit write different types of expectations.
Also, if you think you want to suggest it back, contact me at ben at itstherules full-stop co full-stop uk

In addition to the latest news for JmsUnit, you can find answers to questions about testing around JMS, and articles on how to include the framework into Acceptance Test Driven Development.

Other tidbits can be found at blog.itstherules.co.uk


* The reason why I say JmsUnit is not a framework is that it was built in the original spirit of testing tools, in that it is intended to be extended based upon the requirements of the team

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